Thanks to those who have taken to twitter to fuel our demand on mobilisation of Batch B Stream 2 Prospective Corp Members. If we can recall carefully, NYSC stated she couldn’t mobilise every one of us in 2016 due to financial setbacks. After a lot of tossing around by some concerned stakeholders, she came out stating clearly we all would be mobilised.


Alas, mobilisation was made in November 2016 (as opposed  to 2015 when mobilisation was made in October) and a very significant number was left un mobilized. This I think, was a deviation from what she said she would do. Batch A members have gone to camp and have returned. What else are they still putting in place, what else have they left undisclosed to us as the pretext for this delay?


A lot of us have professional exams we want to write this year, but this delay is nothing but a frustration. If a prospective corps member starts attending lectures in Ogun State today and the moment NYSC mobilises him, they take him to Kaduna, How does he cope? I guess he will have to forfeit the lecture fees in Ogun State and pay another when he gets to Kaduna. Sadly enough, the economy itself is not friendly.


Let us not be quiet on this important issue, at least a statement will do. The month likely for us to be mobilized ,so we all can plan ahead to fit into our individual calendars.




My name is @damilojuoyekan and #NYSCisWastingMyTime


@Airbeeneezer @ZealIhedi @romide60 @ajaotimi @justinmayor2 @KayceeObilor @Tellamaryam91 @Favlex10 @damilo4u @David_AFC @readone9ice @mz_rhayshie @Sirkitto



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