1. Today is one of my most happiest day on earth. I owe the joy derived today to only one being. The Unique being. God, Allah, Oluwa, Chukwu or whatsoever you know him as.


  1. People from far and wide gave me a rare opportunity to smile for 12am till this very moment.


  1. You all extolled my virtues but you forgot that most of these virtues are not independent of my interactions with mankind. In other words, whatever you see me as today, it is because your mindset have received me as such and as a result, you have viewed me as such.


  1. I use this medium to thank my parents who by the grace of God have delivered the message they were sent to bring me up to this moment.


  1. I appreciate all members of the Senate Council of Unilorin SU. The leader I am today has been made possible by your followership. We are not done yet. Don’t get carried away by the euphoria of mid-term success. Challenges are still forthcoming and we must remain steadfast to overcome them.


  1. To all officers of the Union, I appreciate you all for your love and support. We must not see ourselves as watchdogs of another (even if we might be). We must see ourselves as a team with each members having a quality that is necessary to drive the union forward.


  1. To all students of Unilorin, I cannot reward you for the love shown. The only reward I can give is to continue to serve you, pursue your interest, defend your rights to the best of my ability and within the ambit of the law. I would continue to do my best for you all. May God assist me.


  1. There are some who are still with me right from the very beginning. Ex-colleagues of AFCS-IB, thanks for your continuous remembrance and show of support.


  1. To all friends, you are all special and great to me. You are what make up my life.


  1. If I were to complete my myself today as a man, it would be Memunat Olawumi. Not because you are the most beautiful or the one with the kindest heart but because you are the balanced blend I desire in a woman. Thanks for the companionship for over four years.


  1. They are only TWO. But their worth is uncountable and immeasurable. My dear siblings, we would arrive at the top together SOONEST.


  1. Once again, Thanks for your love and support. Today I would sleep like a martyr only to wake up tomorrow to realise I haven’t started to accomplish my mission on earth.









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